What is society ?

Society could be described as an association of person united together by mutual approval to jointly or some frequent function.

Pools defines society to include club, association or company or Association of persons from hatsoever title called.

The conditions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 targets enhancing legal requirements of societies recognized for promotion of science, literature or fine arts or for diffusion of useful knowledge or for charitable purposes.

Who can Form a Society?

Society Could be Shaped by minimum seven or more persons, Qualified to enter into a contract Involving the following:-

  1. Foreigners, even if all the readers are foreigners(There is normally in different state legislation on this problem. Some state laws do not permit foreigners to in the society in India. By Way of Example, the form of bye-laws prescribed under the M.P.State Society Registration Act. Has put a necessary condition for registration that each member should be an Indian citizen).
  2. Partnership firms.
  3. A Limited Company.
  4. A Registered Society.

Purpose for Which a society can be formed-

A society can be formed for the promotion of literature, science or fine arts or the diffusion of useful nowledge/ political instruction or for charitable purposes. Section 20 of the principal Act specifies the following purpose for which societies may be enrolled under the Act:

  1. Grant of charitable assistance.
  2. Creation of Military orphan funds.
  3. Societies established at the General Presidencies.
  4. Promotion of Science.
    1. Literature
    2. Fine Arts
    3. Instructions or diffusion of useful knowledge
    4. Diffusion of political education
    5. Foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms
    6. Public museum and galleries of paintings
    7. Work of art
    8. Collections of natural history
    9. Mechanical and philosophical inventions
    10. Instruments
    11. Designs


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