At we transform payroll & pension administration for your company using a scalable, cost-effective solution. Payroll outsourcing allows you to deliver the responsibility for managing payroll maintenance and taxation dangers to experts with sufficient resources to track the situation and react appropriately.

What we include in Outsourcing Your Payroll function:

  1. HR Policies: Assist in framing HR Policies to the organisation
    Employment Contract: Assist in Simplifying the employment contract with the employee
  2. CTC Structuring: Assist in framing the salary Arrangement to ensuring maximum tax efficiency and at best interests of Their organisation
  3. Expenses Reimbursement: Calculating and Confirming reimbursement to employees i.e. Travelling Expenses, Medical Expenses etc..
  4. TDS/ESI/PF Deduction: Accurate and timely deduction Based on Statutory Legislation
  5. Salary Payout: Salary calculation & payout to employees on timely basis
  6. Purchase Slip: Emailing pay slip to employees on timely basis
  7. Help desk: Resolving employee(s) questions with their payout, reimbursement, tax calculation and conclusion
  8. Report & Analytics: Comprehensive worker payout reports so as to support business decision


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